about TOTUP

Kristina has always been passionate about entrepreneurship and wants to create a company with a stronger social dimension than a financial one.

As a student, Kristina already had a strong interest in the field of early childhood. Realizing that many of her loved ones had trouble placing their children in nurseries, and that the public system had its own limitations, she began to study the issue more closely.

It starts by conducting market research on the early childhood sector in Switzerland, comparing it with other systems in the world.

In 2015, she won the first prize of her HES-SO Master's degree, thanks to her master's degree in the concept of franchising on the subject.

Following this, Kristina decided to go on the practical side and is now working hard to create a nursery chain in French-speaking Switzerland, in order to create additional places and give children the opportunity to socialize through a large number of activities.

From this reflection, the TotUP project, a family nursery, is born. The purpose of which is to welcome children in a family atmosphere and to make them aware of mathematics and logic at an early age, in order to facilitate their integration into school.

Kristina attaches great importance to the links and various partnerships with external stakeholders, be they professionals in fields as varied as psychology, sport, art or music. These partners will share their knowledge within the crèche with the children, parents and employees of TotUP.

Kristina hopes to not only help parents, but also create a family atmosphere for her employees and give them the opportunity to develop their careers and talents.

In 2015, she opened the company "BABIN SA" which bears the surname of her father, who died when she was 5 years old.

BABIN SA is now the owner of the TotUP brand, and aims to become a chain of crèches, which would make her dad very proud of her.

Kristina Babina holds a Bachelor's degree in Science from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne as well as a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship from HEG Fribourg.